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What We Do

We help build better break rooms. Whether you need a high quality, well serviced vending machine or a micro market for your employees, Snack Revolution can help.



Options for

All Organisations

Schools, manufacturing plants, distribution centers and office complexes- there's not a location that Snack Revolution can't handle. If you require more than just a vending machine, we can place a micro market at your location. A micro market is a small store with a self checkout kiosk which has a more robust offering than a vending machine.

Our Technology

All of our machines are equipped with remote monitors to ensure that product is restocked on a timely schedule. Additionally, all of our machines can accept credit/debit cards and tap to pay, giving your team the ultimate flexibility in payment options.

Product Catalog

Your custom order is one of a kind - and so are we. The Snack Revolution relationship gives you access to a wide assortment of products, ready to meet your needs. Most importantly, you work along with Snack Revolution to decide which products are in your machine or market so that the snacks and beverages are items that you want!

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