About Our Company

About Snack Revolution

Snack Revolution helps build better break rooms
We place and service combo vending machines
and micro markets throughout Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean counties. We offer Naturals2Go vending machines with AirVend technology. If your needs are more than a vending machine, we offer expertly designed micro markets with state of the art Parlevel checkout kiosks.
Our machines and markets will be filled with both healthy and traditional products and you help choose what is on offer. 

The Owner

Rob Pastor

I have lived in Monmouth County since 1994 and spent 26 years in the investment banking world, working mostly in New York City but also spending some of the latter years in London. After some soul searching I chose to close the financial industry chapter of my life, leave corporate America and follow my entrepreneurial spirit. I founded Snack Revolution in 2013 and have been providing locations with vending machines and micro markets ever since. I also help other N2GO operators locate their machines and grow their businesses.