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About Us

About Snack Revolution

Snack Revolution places and services healthy vending machines throughout Monmouth, Middlesex, and Ocean counties. We offer Naturals2Go Vending Machines with AirVend Technology. We provide high quality, cutting edge technology in our natural healthy vending machines. These machines are filled with healthy snack and drink options, which you help select, and accept both cash and credit or debit cards.

About the Owner, Rob Pastor

I have lived in Monmouth County since 1994 and spent 26 years in the investment banking world, working mostly in New York City but also spending some of the latter years in London. After some soul searching I chose to close the financial industry chapter of my life, leave corporate America and follow my entrepreneurial spirit. 

Now, I just needed to figure out what it was I wanted to take from just an idea and build into a business. The new venture would have to be idea that was still in its infancy and needed a voice. It would have to be something that the public wanted but has not yet been given. Most importantly, it needed to be something that would help people lead better lives. I looked at a lot of opportunities and was stopped dead in my tracks when presented with the idea of promoting healthy vending machines. The simple thought of being able to give people a healthy option when looking for something on the go just made too much sense to me. Our country is full of people on the go, that is not going to change. We are also a country who is becoming more and more conscience of the types of food we eat and the nutrients they contain. Healthy snacks are going to revolutionize the vending industry and so, Snack Revolution was born. It is our goal to put a healthy vending machine in every location that cares about its employees, clients, customers, and students and we are not going to stop until we do!